We provide general corporate counsel services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time in house counsel or using an experienced law firm.  This innovative approach to providing top quality legal services allows our clients to enjoy the full advantages of having experienced in-house counsel as part of your management team in an affordable way.

 You do not need to worry about high inefficient billing and controlling costs because our service is structured on a flat fee basis to best meet your needs.  The fees are paid monthly or quarterly and are based on our mutual assessment of your business needs.  

We learn the intricacies and nuances of your business to get to know your staff and assess and anticipate the business’ legal needs. We become fully immersed in your business and part of your executive team.

Services offered may include:

-Preparation, review, negotiation of contracts and agreements.

-Lease preparation, review and negotiation.

-Corporate governance issues (attending Board/Shareholder meetings and related work).

-General advice on day to day matters.

-Transactional matters (acquisitions, sale of business divisions, mergers and related matters).

-Trademark/ patent/intellectual property.

-Tax advice.

-Perks for employees (delivered as part of benefits offered to your employees)- handling of real estate closings, tax preparation, will preparation.

-Estate planning, personal real estate services for members of executive team.

-Evaluation of litigation risk.

-General risk assessment and advice from legal perspective.

Experienced                ♦          Cost Effective             ♦          Innovative